Mission + Values

women supporting women with blingslings in LA


Our Mission:

Clever Designs LA creates quality and revolutionary products conscientiously that make life easier and allow for more time to connect, inspire and do what we love. 


Our Purpose:

To empower women to bring the world closer together by spreading kindness, sharing experiences through travel, and spending more time doing what we love.


Our Values:

Love. Inspire. Grow. Enjoy.



  • Put people first.

Whether it’s our customers, our employees, or our vendors, Clever Designs LA believes that success lies with the people and we do everything within our power to always consider them first.

  • Stay humble, spread kindness and be empathetic.

At the core of our being, we will always be authentic and genuine.  Our products are created to encourage people to live their lives in the fullest, kindest way.  Clever Designs LA fully embraces individuality and continues to learn from others' unique stories and differences.



  • Advocate empowerment and change.

We love asking ourselves “Why not?”.  That question has brought us exciting experiences and we want to encourage others to get in on the fun.  Clever Designs LA focuses on partnering with female-led businesses and donates a portion of all proceeds to organizations empowering women.  There’s always room for improvement, but our biggest competitor is ourself.  We focus on taking risks, embracing change and moving forward.

  • Inspire others to connect with the world.

We believe in collaboration over competition, empowering young girls to have confidence in their dreams, and making sure everyone knows they’re worthy of living their best life.



  • Be innovative, creative, efficient, and always learning.

Everything we do revolves around making people’s lives more enjoyable.  Our possibilities are endless, so we’re creating an environment that’s constantly taking risks and challenging the status quo.  Life moves pretty fast and we’re determined to keep up!

  • Create quality products with the highest integrity.

We take pride in every part of our company and our products are no different.  Clever Designs LA strives to make the best quality goods while still taking care of our people and planet.  We practice ethical manufacturing with fair wages and conditions. We upcycle, recycle, create everything without cruelty to animals and are continually finding new ways to boost our movement to benefit the environment.  Care goes into every step of the process to ensure we’re 100% confident in our products and our customers get the absolute best.

  • Build an open-minded, accountable, and positive culture.

Our company culture is built on listening, contributing, and being honest.  We promote positivity in every part of Clever Designs LA and value accountability in our successes and our opportunities.



  • Have gratitude and enjoy life.

This a big deal at Clever Designs LA.  We focus on being grateful for our journey and the people that have supported us along this ride.  Our company has some incredible adventures ahead and we intend on enjoying as much of each day as we possibly can.

  • Travel often.

It doesn’t matter if we’re visiting the next town over or a country across the globe, we’re building bridges, becoming more open-minded, and bringing the world closer together.


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